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Topics: Nutrition, Marketing, Food Pages: 1 (333 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Our text discusses how social factors have an influence in the fads and trends of consumer purchasing. These social trends like eating more healthy and driving more eco-friendly cars contribute to consumer buying patterns. Marketers try to utilize this data in order to hook consumers toward a certain product based on personal wants, needs, and / or fears. A social factor within today’s society is that of body image and as a result it has become trendier to change ones eating habits toward that of health & fitness and all natural foods. The internet, magazines, and other social media have influenced individual’s body image view and marketers have attempted to grab ahold of the trend. Even simple fast food restaurants have started providing healthier menu options and have begun to include nutritional information on each item. Similar to that of body image, the social factor of becoming more eco-friendly has influenced the automobile industry and a move from large sport utility vehicles to hybrid vehicles. Emissions and the high price of gas have made even the most popular companies in the world introduce new luxury hybrid models. This is an ever changing marketplace, in which trends are quick to enter and quick to exit. When social forces conflict, an organization must adapt and overcome in order to attract their consumers. For example, eating fast food is clearly not healthy no matter the option, but fast food restaurants are attempting to hook consumers on their wants and needs. An article by Bonini, Mendonca, and Oppenheim (2006) states that in order to stay atop a consumer market or to create a new market opportunity, a firm must utilize social awareness and look for emerging hot topics and prepare a response. Social factors change consumer spending habits at a rapid speed and firms must stay on their toes in order to remain successful.

Bonini, S. J., Mendonca, L. T., & Oppenheim, J. M. (2006). When social issues become strategic....
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