Social Studies Sba

Topics: Teenage pregnancy, Pregnancy, Abortion Pages: 11 (1969 words) Published: March 3, 2013

Name of Candidate: Lovern Boyd

School : BGJ

Centre # :

Exam # :

Teacher : Mr. Lethman

Proficiency : General

Location : Jamaica

Topic: Teenage Pregnancy – its level and causes in my district.


Acknowledgements (1)

Introduction (2)

Statement of problem (3)

Method of investigation (4)

Letter to the Residents (5)

Instrument used to collect data (6-9)

Procedures used to collect data (10)

Presentation and explanation of data (11-15)

Interpretation of data (16)

Statement of Findings (17)

Recommendations (18)


The successful completion of this project would not have been possible without the help of the persons in my community.

I would like to thank our heavenly father for giving me the strength, knowledge and wisdom to gather my questions and to be able to complete this assignment.

I would also like to thank the persons in my community, who assisted me by accepting my questioners when I asked for their assistance, and I would also like to show great gratitude to my friends and family who gave me their full support when I needed it most.

I would also like to show great appreciation to my instructor Mr. Lethman who guided me throughout this assignmen


Waterhouse is a small community in the parish of Kingston Jamaica. Waterhouse is a community where a high level of teenage pregnancy is being displayed.

I have been a resident of Waterhouse for the past seven years; during this period of time I have observed that there are a large number of teenage pregnancies in my community. After a thorough survey I can now say that there is a high risk that some of these children will not be able to live a life as regular kids do.

Reason being is, they being teenager parents will rob them the knowledge to properly nurture the child and provide it with the basic needs if there isn’t anyone around to help.


What is the level and causes of teenage pregnancy in my Community?


In order to collect data for this survey, I have decided to use printed questioners.

The questioner as a toll for collecting data has a number of advantages such as:

• It requires little time to be completed.

• It can be done at the convenience of the person required to have it complete.

• It guarantees confidentiality since the respondents are not required to give their names.

• Many people get nervous and intimidated when they have to talk to the person face to face so the questioner is a really good substitute...
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