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The researcher would first want to thanks the almighty father for life, patients and wisdom in other to do this school base assessment . The researcher would also thanks all those who contributed to help with this assessment.

Juvenile delinquency is a criminal act or acts committed by individuals below the age of eighteen. We the members of society can help stop these young people from committing these felonies. As the country is developing the level of crimes tends to increase rapidly. With the help of our government and members of society we can help decrease the level of crimes being done in society. Some of the most popular crimes which are done by the young people of society tend to be eighteen years and older. Some examples of this crimes are murder, robbery, drug trafficking. Juvenile delinquency on a hold is one of the major problem in society. The reason for this school base assessment is to find out the causes and effect of juvenile delinquency. There are possible solution to juvenile delinquency and two of which are setting up facilities where they may get employment and organize training facilities where they could go and learn a trade. Juvenile delinquency is not a problem we can prevent from happening but one we can control.


Juvenile delinquency

Research question

What are the causes and the effects of juvenile delinquency?

First off juvenile delinquency is an antide social or criminal act and is mostly perform by young people under the age of eighteen. The researcher chose this topic because in the village of grand bay there are young people committing act such as murder and drug trafficking. While discussing on that topic the researcher wishes to find out what causes the young people to commit these crimes. Some of the things that causes the young individuals to commit these crimes are peer pressure, lack of parental control.

1: What causes the young people of grand bay to commit these crimes? 2: what can be done to stop or lesson these crimes in the village of grand bay? 3: what effect do these criminal acts have on the people of grand bay? 4: has juvenile delinquency increase in the past ten years?

5: what are the most popular crimes committed by juvenile?

The methodology which the researcher chose to use was the questionnaire. With the questionnaire the researcher would gather more relavant information which is needed. There are also advantage and disadvantage of using a questionnaire. Two advantage of questionnaire are:

1: The information given might be in correct terms with the questions with were asks.. 2: There may be a chance where the researcher tends to get more information than that which was ask on the questionnaire.

Two disadvantage of questionnaire are:
1: confidentiality might not be kept and this might cause confusion between persons involve in the questionnaire. 2

Data Collection Instrument

My name is Samantha Anselm, I attend the Pierre Charles Secondary School. In my quest to complete my Social Studies School Based Assessment, I am doing a research on the topic Juvenile Delinquency in the community of Grand Bay. I am soliciting your help and appreciation if you would assist by answering this questionnaire. Confidentiality will be ensured. Thanks in advance for your help. Note* Place a tick in the corresponding box or answer fully on the lines provided.

a) Age 13-15 ( ) 16-18 ( )

b) Sex: Male ( ) Female ( )

1. What are the most possible causes of juvenile delinquency in the community of grand bay?

Peer pressure ( ) Neglect of parents ( ) Poverty ( )...

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