Social Skill

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Emotional intelligence is a form of intelligence relating to the emotional side of life, such as the ability to recognize and manage one's own and others' emotions, to motivate oneself and restrain impulses, and to handle interpersonal relationships effectively. Emotional intelligence is originated by Daniel Goleman, psychologist, denoting the cluster of traits/abilities relating to the emotional side of life. The major components of emotional intelligence: knowing our own emotions, managing our own emotions, motivating ourselves,recognizing the emotions of others,and handling relationships.

Emotional competence is a learned capability based on emotional intelligence that results in outstanding performance at work. Our emotional intelligence determines our potential for learning the practical skills based on the five elements : self-awareness, motivation, self-regulation, empathy, and adeptness in relationships. Our emotional competence shows how much of that potential we have translated into on-the-job capabilities. The emotional intelligence capabilities are Independent (each contributes to job performance ,Interdependent (each draws to some extent on certain others with strong interactions) , Hierarchical (the emotional intelligence capabilities build upon one another , Necessary, but not sufficient (having an emotional intelligence doesn't guarantee the competencies will be demonstrated), Generic (different jobs make differing competence demands. SOCIAL SKILL

Firstly.those who practised social skill usually very good at winning people over.They influenced others effectively.They also use complex strategies like indirect influence to build consensus and support.

Other than that,they are also effective in give-and-take, registering emotional cues in attuning their message.They deal with difficult issues straight forwardly.Listen well, seek mutual understanding, and welcome sharing of information fully are also some of the qualities that they have in social skill.They stay receptive to bad news as well as good too.

Next,those with good social skill can handle difficult people and tense situations with diplomacy and tact.They always spot potential conflict, bring disagreements into the open and help to de-escalate as well as in encouraging debate and open discussion.That is why they orchestrate win-win solutions.

They are also well known with their leadership characteristic.They articulate and arouse enthusiasm for a shared vision and mission.The attitude of guiding the performance of others while holding them accountable is also reflected by them.

Those who have the social skill able to recognize the need to change and remove barriers.They are also able to challenge the status quo to acknowledge the need for change.They may also come out as the champion of the change and enlist others in its pursuit.In the other word, they are the model of changing the expectation of others.

Other than that,they cultivate and maintain extensize informal networks and always seek our relationships that are mutually beneficial.They are good in building rapport and keeping others in the loop.To make and maintain personal friendships among work associates are not that complicated for them.

People with the competency are also bright in balancing a focus on task with attention to relationships.They do not mind to collaborate, sharing plans, information and resources.They are also well known as friendly and cooperative climate.They love to spot and nurture opportunities for collaboration.

They really show and prove themselves with the model team qualities like respect, helpfulness, and cooperation.They draw all members into active and enthusiastic participation.There are no exception at all in building team identity, esprit de corps, and commitment for...
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