Social Responsibility

Topics: Social responsibility, Swimming pool, Hong Kong Pages: 3 (931 words) Published: June 4, 2013
At last week, I read the touching news on the Apply daily website which gives an account of the public Light Bus driver never receives the fare for every old man or woman. He wants to do something for charity for helping elder man due to the high inflation. It made me realize that the company of Hong Kong has the responsibility to reward the citizen in need with the profit they earned from the market.

Nowadays, many people in society expect organizations or enterprises to be socially responsible to the society, which is called “social expectation”. The company can sense what society's needs through the three level of social expectation so that knowing how expectations condition can give insights into the society's every level.

Under the socioeconomic view, the social expectations are divided into three levels. The lower level is social obligation, which means a business firms just meet the minimum economic or legal criterion and nothing more. The middle level is Social Responsiveness, which means a firm responds to the citizen’s needs and this matter is not under the control of government. The highest level is Social Responsibility, which means an organization takes more proactive stance on action to reward the society. Now, I take a case for living example to explain the difference of these levels as below.

The public swimming pools, for example, provide a safe and comfortable environment to the public. The pool water is filtered and sterilized perpetually. Besides, the water quality is closely monitored by laboratory testing regularly. These practices are just what the swimming pools' social obligation. If the swimming pools improve their facility in order to fulfill the requirement or recommendation of the public, which is its social responsiveness. However, someone had slipped in the pool area owing to the slippery ground. After that, swimming pool manager give an order to build up the no-skid floor to avoid these accidents once again. This practice...
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