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Topics: United States Constitution, Privacy, Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution Pages: 4 (1579 words) Published: February 18, 2013
Privacy in the Twenty First Century
Privacy is a word that has multiple definitions depending on the person.  To me it is a source of freedom and an inalienable right.  This right is outlined in the fourth amendment to the constitution.  In modern times the right to privacy has become blurred.  This is due to technological advances and the globalization of our world.  .  I am outraged at invasions of privacy, and I am unwilling to give up the convenience of internet access. Some of the privacy invasions are, phishing web browsers, and the installing of Internet cookies when I am browsing the web these concern me. These programs target my browsing choices for marketing.   Credit reports should be kept private unless you are asking for credit.   It should not be available to potential employers as the two are unrelated; however, I am unwilling to give up shopping online, paying bills online and social networking.  I am not concerned about security issues when it gets in the way of me enjoying myself or saving time. My social conscience is tweaked when I read the article “Rooting out the Bad Seeds?” Written by, Kelly Patricia O’Meara.  I have known for many years that psychologists have been employed by schools to help educators deal with disruptive students.  The candy store of drugs prescribed to combat behavioral problems boggles the mind (O’Meara pg: 1).  The newest invention to help teachers with controlling violence in the school is called , “Mosaic 2000,” this “method” was created not to help with violent students, but to pin point students with potential to be violent (O’Meara pg:1).  This is a scary thought.  The program is based on a series of questions that no one outside the test is allowed to know.  They do not even know what answer the program is looking for to determine violence potential, and parents are not informed that their children are being criminally profiled (O’Meara pg:1).  What happens to the child who fails the test?  Is this something...

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