Social Performance

Topics: Property, Social responsibility, Real estate Pages: 5 (1675 words) Published: May 11, 2013
Assignment 2: Social Performance
By: Anitra Wright
Instructor: Yvette Snowden
Bus 475
December 2, 2012

Social Performance
Organizations have a responsibility to monitor and enforce behavior that represents a sense of social responsibility. Therefore, the social performance of a company must be organized in a manner that takes into consideration the laws for which they should uphold. One way to ensure that organizations are aware of those laws and refraining from illegal behavior is to adopt a code of conduct. The code of conduct is contingent upon the industry in which a company operates, but no matter what industry that is, the organization must recognize the laws pertaining to them and ensure that all employees are in compliance. I’m seeking to establish a code of conduct for my property management company. The property management industry is closely related to the real estate industry because it usually involves the purchase of commercial or residential real estate. The property or properties are usually occupied by tenants who require its owners to maintain their investment and to ensure tenant relations are given considerable attention. Property managers can be owners of the properties they manage or act as third-party managers for owners of real estate properties. Third-party management groups are paid based on a management fee charged to the owner for maintaining the upkeep of the property, employee and tenant relations. Property management groups are also responsible for providing the owners and/or investors with accurate financial information in relationship to how the property or properties are performing. Due to the fact that this a customer/client oriented business, it is very important to establish a code of conduct that clearly defines how this company should act and what they are responsible for doing. Establishing a Code of Conduct

The first thing to consider when establishing a company code of conduct is the industry in which you operate. The code of conduct for one industry may not be the same as it is for another. Let’s examine the code of conduct for the Real Estate industry, Property Management Companies and Landlord. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) lists these three areas when considering how its members should behave: * Duties to Clients and Customers

* Duties to the Public
* Duties to Realtors
The Property Agents Board code of conduct for the Property Management covers the following areas: * Supervision of employees
* Duties to clients
* Unsatisfactory Professional Conduct and Professional Misconduct Residential Landlord Association (RLA) code of conduct covers the following: * Duty to comply with legal obligations
* Duty to sustain from dishonesty
* Duty to attain good standards of practice
* Duty to restrain from any act of harassment or illegal eviction * Duty to confidentiality
* Duty to protect members of the public
* Duty to act at all times without discrimination
Similar challenges in the real estate industry that effect ethical behavior involve how each of these companies deals with the public and the respective customers or clients. Each of them is held to a high level of responsibility in how they conduct business since they are all customer service related industries as well. In order for me to establish a code of conduct for my property management company, I must realize how my business relates to the industry and the standards already in place. With that in mind, my company’s code of conduct is as follows: * Build Trust and Credibility

* In order to build trust and credibility, our company must keep its commitments to the client. * We must set realistic goals that ensure we meet our obligations to the client. * We must create an environment that can withstand and succeed over time. * Policy and Procedures

* Create and maintain policies that serve as a guide for all employees...

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