Social Mobilty

Topics: School, Education, Psychology Pages: 2 (692 words) Published: May 4, 2014
Engelsk aflevering 5 – Education and social mobility
Mathias Lyngby Johansen

1) Write a summary of An Opening in Oxford in about 150 words. The short story is about this man called Peter Lamp, who is an Oxford Alumnus who went to a poor grammar school when he was young. He realized how bad the education system in Britain was, and therefore he started funding the Oxford Summer Schools. There were these 17-year-old boys and girl who attended at this weeklong course. They were all very bright and clever and that’s why Peter Lambl gave them is opportunity, even though they came from families who were poor and had no university degrees. Britain’s social mobility is disturbingly bad and the gap between rich and poor is the largest it has been in 40 years. Sadly for the young boys and girls who were in this summer school was that they were looked down upon because they were clever. After their week of living at the college, going to different seminars and talking to different students of Oxford, only half of the attendees applied to Oxford and only 40% of those got in.

2) Give an account of the connection between education and social mobility as presented in the three texts. - Well I think there surly is a some sort of connection between education and social mobility, because for a fact, it is hard to get anywhere in the system with a low degree or job status. As a parent you might not have the strength or knowledge for helping and motivating your own kids in their fight for making school with good grades. I kind of think that some people don’t see them as worthy competitors against kids with parent’s who has a good education.

3) Comment on the following statement from text 1: “At school you wouldn’t let on that you are clever. The other look down on you” Sadly I think that this statement is describing a real daily life problem as a kid, but not a teenager in the age of 17. If it’s happening it is really disturbing that bullies is making fun of...
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