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Social media privacy

By lsyChris1989 Oct 19, 2014 388 Words
Soccer Versus Tennis
Soccer and Tennis are both popular sports in the world. However people probably rarely know the differences between these two sports. In fact soccer and tennis have tremendous differences with each other, such as different score systems, organizational structures, philosophies and so forth. Tennis and soccer are totally different sports in many aspects. Firstly, tennis only requires one player, or maximum 2 players, in the game while soccer must have more players , which should be 11, for it to play in the field. Moreover, the score calculating system is also different between these two sports. In a tennis game, one goal is worth 15 points while in a soccer match, one goal equals just one point. The duration in tennis is relatively shorter than it in soccer, in fact it depends that how long it will take in a tennis game, but the duration of soccer is 90 minutes or 120 minutes. In addition, tennis has so many other differences from soccer, for example the space need to play for tennis is far smaller than that of soccer, the soccer ball is bigger than the tennis ball, the soccer is way more popular than tennis in most of the European countries and so forth. Secondly, the most different is that tennis focuses on individualism, yet the soccer needs more teamwork. Although tennis player also need a partner sometimes, soccer players, who are more collective than the tennis players, always have to work on a same goal. The tennis player is more individual than the soccer player. The tennis team has only one player whereas the soccer team has eleven players, which means the soccer players should pay more attention to cooperation and leadership. The team leader will try to promote cooperation and teamwork. In addition, the tennis players don’t have the group to work for. They don’t need to get the agreement from others, if they want to change anything, such as their business managers. However, the soccer players have clubs and managers. If the soccer players want to change their team, they will get the permission from the club. In conclusion, soccer and tennis have differences in rules and philosophies. Despite the fact that they have so many differences, they are still liked by people all over the world. Which one do you prefer?

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