Soccer vs Basketball

Topics: Basketball, FIFA World Cup, Football Pages: 2 (828 words) Published: July 10, 2012
he most played and watched game in the world. It is considered to be a favorite sport to many people. And, people prefer it more than any other sport. Compared to basketball and football, soccer is an interesting sport in the way it is played, its popularity, and the exorbitant amount of money paid to players.

The way that soccer is played is so different than basketball and football. The whole idea of these games is scoring on the other team. Soccer is played with 11 players on each team and each team wears a special sport dress (T- shirts, shorts, and socks). A soccer game is about 90 minutes long; the first half is 45 minutes long and the second half is 45 minutes long. In contrast, basketball is around two and a half hours divided into four quarters, each 12 minutes long. Soccer is a team work; it's not like basketball, a game of super stars, where one man can change the game. Soccer has more strategy spread over 90 minutes while basketball is a game of breaking points, and the whole course could change in the last 10 seconds. Soccer requires it players to be in high physical fitness shape; but after all, anybody can play soccer, and there is no need to be tall or muscled like basketball players. The basic skills in basketball games are: passing the ball, handling shooting, and rebounding. Football is also different than soccer. First, football should not be called football because the players are allowed to touch the ball with their hands. It is not like soccer. The players cannot touch the ball with their hands, which is the main rule in the game. Football has been called a game for animals; it is kind of like wrestling. Football needs more players than soccer and basketball. It is played with fifteen players in each team; there are eight forwards, who mainly get possession of the ball, and seven backs that mainly carry and move the ball. The six basic skills in this game are catching, running, blocking, tackling, and kicking. This game is considered...
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