“Social Media Has Empowered the Individual to Change the World for the Better.” Do You Agree?

Topics: Facebook, YouTube, Social network service Pages: 3 (1240 words) Published: April 7, 2013
In the past, media was transmitted through a top-down structure, and they are primarily one-way conversations. This is because traditional media is often either owned by large corporations such as Time Warner and News Corporation, or owned by the state. The content is also generated by the corporation and the state. Hence, individuals and ordinary people often do not get the chance to voice their opinions or give feedback to the authorities. However, since the advent of technology, the wiring of the world through social media and Web-enabled cellphones is changing the nature of conversations between leaders and the led everywhere. The world is going from largely one-way conversations—top-down—to two-way conversations—bottom-up and top-down. This is because through new media, the individual has easy access to social media. Not only is social media 24/7 and its updates are instantaneous and immediate, the content is user-generated, therefore it empowers the individual with a voice in society. Thus, the viral nature of social media allows for greater sharing of ideas and views where people, regardless of where they are in the world, can form virtual communities based on common interests. With the powerful tool of social media wielded by people all over the world, people are able to change the world for the better, as long as they use social media constructively. Having gained greater connectivity to the world, people are now able to form niche communities based on specific interests. The individual is also able to connect with old friends and even make new ones, without having to be restricted by geographical boundaries. Also, individuals who are unique and possess flair or creativity in their self-expression are also able to create blogs that have a cult following, for those who share the same views. Hence, it can be seen that these bloggers now have a considerable influence and clout. Other than celebrity bloggers like Xiaxue and nigahiga, even children like Dr...
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