Social Expectation

Topics: Health care, Tax Pages: 1 (376 words) Published: June 18, 2013
In these day and age, citizens can have different type of welfare within the city. Different government has different welfare policy. In some western country such as Australia, citizens enjoy decent benefit provided from government. Those benefits include public health care benefit and education benefit. In Australia, the majority revenue for government to maintain their operation is mainly from taxation. Everyone in the city needs to pay tax even though the revenue hasn’t reached the taxation range. 10% Goods and Service tax charge from many products. Therefore, government will spend that revenue to improve the society facilities and benefit the publics. Public health care and education benefit is very important welfare. People who do not have afford for health care, not only affect personal health, it might also affect the community. Since the disease will spread in the society. If government did not pay for the public health, the community might have chance suffer a dangerous health condition. Besides of the public health care, every government would like to have as much as skillful citizens. Skillful people have a direct relationship to the counties’ GDP and the quality of city. Poor education will increase the crime offense in the community. Education is a good way to make more new generation student to become skillful and to enhance the quality of the community in the future. On the other hand, some people argue that government should spend money on other facilities rather than spend money on public health care and education. Besides, they think people should have their own responsibility for public health care and education and also paying heavy taxation is not fair. The taxation in Australia is a way higher than some Asian country such as Hong Kong. If the government stops pay for the public health care and education, the taxation will be significant decrease. Therefore, citizen would not have to pay the heavy taxation expense, they could spend on...
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