Soccer Life

Topics: Association football, Football, FIFA Pages: 2 (630 words) Published: April 5, 2013
The person that people admire is the most important person in their life. For me, the most important person that made a change and I admire is my father. He has been by my side ever since I was born. Ever since I was 3yrs old. My eyes always focused on him because he was special to me. It was either because he played soccer and was amazing at it or was it because he took care of me taught me what was good and what was bad. Either ways my father is the most amazing dad that the lord had given me. I don’t know what I would do if he was gone. Just thinking about it makes my eyes water so much that I could fill up a dried up lake. As I was growing up, since my dad liked soccer. My favorite sport was of course soccer. I have been watching him play soccer till he had retired with about 11 championships trophy. He didn’t really play in a professional team but I know that the team he had was really good. They played like pros because they had never lost games! So as I was growing up I’ve been thinking of joining a soccer team. I was 10 years old and I didn’t have to ask my dad if I can join because by the time I wanted to ask him. He came to me first and told me “son, I think is time for you to play in a soccer team. I want to see you go professional one day, ok”. I couldn’t believe that he said that to me. I was so happy that I was ready to play soccer. I’m so lucky to have my dad because he just knows what to do to make me happy. If any other person knew my dad their life would change because he is the amazing person any kid would want to have or could have. I have so many special memories that my dad and I had when I was little. They were good moments and some were bad. Like one day my dad and I were playing soccer at the back yard and all of sudden the ball at of nowhere it pop from the side. We were both freaking out because we didn’t know why it popped. Then one of the bad times was when I broke my leg from falling off a tree. So my dad was outside with my uncles...
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