SNC Lavalin

Topics: SNC-Lavalin, Business ethics, Ethics Pages: 4 (1149 words) Published: November 7, 2013
About SNC Lavalin
SNC Lavalin is the largest construction and engineering company in Canada. The company was founded in 1911, and has since expanded to have offices not only all across Canada, but also in 35 other countries. SNC Lavalin offers services such as, engineering, construction, project financing and management and so on. These services are provided to industries for construction, mining, mass transit, pharmaceuticals and environment; just to name a few. On its website, the company lists seven priorities that are part of its business strategy for success; operational excellence, improve competitiveness, stronger relationships with clients, geographic diversification and growth of markets and offerings, recruit and develop the best talent in the industry, financial strength, and finally, corporate social responsibility.1

Recent News Scandals
SNC Lavalin has had its share of scandals in the last few years. The most current stain on the company’s record regards former chief executive Pierre Duhaime and other top executive Riadh Ben Aissa. Mr. Duhaime currently faces charges of fraud, conspiracy to commit fraud and issuing false documents.2 Riadh Ben Aissa faces his own charges for alleged corruption, fraud and money-laundering in North Africa.3 Both men are under suspicion of having used bribery to attain the contract for the construction of the McGill University Health Centre, a 1.3 billion dollar project. Unfortunately, this is only a scratch on the surface of the company. SNC Lavalin was also involved in a scandal with former Libyan ruler Moammar Gadhafi. Ben Aissa was also accused of his involvement in bribing Gadhafi’s son with $160 million in order to gain contracts in Libya. On top of this, accusations were made that Ben Aissa and Stephane Roy, former controller of SNC Lavalin, attempted to smuggle Gadhafi’s son and family into Mexico during their fall from Libyan rule.4

Ethical Lapse
The public may never find out if the scandals...
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