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A very good morning to our lecturer and fellow friends, today, before I begin my speech, I would like to tell you, by the end of our presentation, we will ask one question related to our presentation and the lucky person who answered our question will get this bar of sneaker. Now, shout out to all Harry Potter fans here, I’m sure that there is one thing that will come into your mind when I say ‘Slytherin’. Snakes yes? Yes…today, we are going to give a presentation about snakes. Some of you might encounter them in real life and some of you may not. But either way, sure you guys watch snakes movie such as the popular anaconda and snakes on the plane. So what we going to give you today are some facts that you guys may never heard of about snakes. As a start let me give an introduction about snakes. A slithering, legless carnivore, the snake is a common creature on nearly every continent. Snakes have long, narrow bodies encompassing their head on one end and tail on the other end. Their skin is covered in overlapping scales that can feel vibrations in the ground.  Snakes don’t have eyelids or ears like we do. They rely on vibrations to “hear.” Regarding the body of snakes, it has been proved that snakes have only one lung and 2 kidneys which are front and rear of each other unlike the way they are in human body The very first fact you need to know about snakes is that they are reptiles and are the cold blooded animals. They have a different type of body with different coloured scales on the body. There are more than 3200 species of snakes in this world, only about 350 have venom that is dangerous to humans. Snakes are the deadliest animal on earth, killing over 100,000 people each year. Some snakes can reach a length of about 36 feet (11 meters). However, Snakes have proved themselves to be a very good pet because they are generally a good friend of their owner. They generally stay quiet and need a very food to eat. They are...
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