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  • snakes

    mind when I say ‘Slytherin’. Snakes yes? Yes…today‚ we are going to give a presentation about snakes. Some of you might encounter them in real life and some of you may not. But either way‚ sure you guys watch snakes movie such as the popular anaconda and snakes on the plane. So what we going to give you today are some facts that you guys may never heard of about snakes. As a start let me give an introduction about snakes. A slithering‚ legless carnivore‚ the snake is a common creature on nearly

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  • The Snake

    The story The Snake‚ by John Steinbeck begins with Dr. Phillips leaving the tide pools after collecting specimens and arriving at a building nearby on the cannery street of Monterey. He enters the building and we see a laboratory with rats and snakes‚ a dissecting table and even cats in pens. One would conclude that he is a scientist. He builds a fire and heats up dinner. There is nothing very fancy about his laboratory. In fact‚ it seems like he lives very simply. He lays out his starfish and feeds

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  • Snake

    Analysis of Theme in “Snake” A theme found in the poem “Snake” is that the respect man has for nature hinges on the difference between instinct and learned behavior. D.H. Lawrence expresses this theme through the use of similes and conflict. The literary elements used in the poem help clearly point out this meaningful message. As the poem begins‚ the narrator comes across a golden-brown snake as he approached his water trough. At first‚ the narrator shows respect and admiration for the creature

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    The poem Hunting Snake by Judith Wright perspicuously describes and seems to be about the encounter of a man along with his companion calmly walking through a forest astonished by a fascinating big black snake. Throughout the poem‚ we see that the speaker is very captivated towards the snake and it seems like he lost interest at the end but we can realize that this is actually a representative for amazement unexpectedly coming to life and also leaving and we having no control over it. Using metaphor

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  • Lawrence Snake

    which is ‘appropriate’ (attacking the snake as education and social convention would prescribe)‚ and a crisis response which is ‘manly‚’ that is allowing the snake freedom to traverse the area and leave in peace. His poem manages to combine subtle observations of a short‚ tension-filled drama with the insights of a moral thinker and writer. Perhaps what is most disturbing about the poem is not that Lawrence was indecisive about what to do‚ but that a poisonous snake presents an inimitable foe‚ and that

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  • Evolution of Snakes

    The Evolution of Snakes Rafferty Crawford BIO/101 July 17‚ 2012 Peter Karanja The Evolution of Snakes Snakes are a diverse group of squamates that include about 2900 species of boas‚ colubrids‚ pythons‚ vipers‚ blind snakes‚ mole vipers‚ and sunbeam snakes (Pickrell‚ 2010). Snakes‚ like all living things‚ are a product of the process of evolution. Evolution allows species to change over time in response to environmental factors to produce entirely new species. As diverse as they are today

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  • constrictor snakes

    2014 Constrictors What would you do if you walked up upon a 20 foot snake or bigger? How big can the giant constrictor snakes get? What do they eat? Where do they live? These are giant snakes what would you do if you end up face to face with a snake that could kill you and possibly eat you. I will discuss three different types of constrictors the anaconda‚ African Rock python‚ Burmese python. Some may wonder how big can the snakes get and how much they weigh. Well the green anaconda can get up to

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  • Hunting Snake

    In the beginning of “Hunting Snake” Judith Wright it gives you the feeling of a perfection with the “sun-warmed ”during the “late season’s grace” and “autumn’s gentlest sky”. “Sun-warmed” gives you a cozy feeling. “Late season’s grace”‚ the word “grace” can normally be connected to the word beauty. Lastly “autumn’s gentlest sky”‚ the season “autumn” usually gives you the impression of a quiet and calm place‚ “gentlest” makes you feel relax which also adds on to the calmness of autumn. The poet then

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  • Snake Bites

    sensation instantly went throughout his body and that was when he saw a snake still laying beside the log he had just stepped over. Bob had many questions running through his snakes With it’s long slender body the snake’s probably the funniest shaped creature you will ever encounter. There are many points about this wonderful Reptile that make it a high asset ...head. He didn’t know what to do. He didn’t know if the snake was poisonous. Bob began to panic. What next? Is Bob going to live? We will

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  • Snake Firm

    Background This profile envisages the establishment of a snake farm for the production of venom with a capacity of 100 gm per annum. The present demand for the proposed product is estimated at 5‚500 kg per annum. The demand is expected to reach at 11‚434 kg by the year 2022. The plant will create employment opportunities for 27 persons. Venom is a poison of animal origin usually restricted to poisons that are administered

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