Smoking Speech

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 Sassin 1 Gabrielle Sassin
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Cigarettes: The Truth Beneath
Smoking cigarettes is something I feel strongly about, some of my friends, family members, and co-workers smoke cigarettes. The people around me smoke everyday to a point where they could not go an hour without one, and a majority of smokers have to take hours out of their days just for one. I hold the belief that smoking needs to be stopped because I was taught my entire life how dangerous each puff of smoke could be. Smoking can affect many things, these being your body and your appearance.

Not only does smoking make your wallet thinner, it makes your body and everything inside smaller too. Smoking affects almost every organ in your body including your heart, blood vessels, eyes, bladder, reproductive organs, digestive organs, and your lungs. Cigarettes have almost five thousand chemicals and 70 of those cause cancer, mainly lung cancer. For every smoke you take, your lungs grow weaker and weaker until they collapse of nicotine. Imagine having to breathe out of a respirator for the rest of your life and not being able to move as freely because you started something you cannot stop. What would people think of you? It may look “cool” to smoke on a regular basis, but your appearance will disagree with you. One of the biggest things affected by smoking is your teeth, over time nicotine will turn your teeth an ugly yellow color.

Sassin 2
Another side effect that adds to your appearance is wrinkles and saggy skin which accumulates all over your face, especially under your eyes. Smoking is a big commitment on your life, and when you are lighting up that cigarette you are signing a contract for your life, some of which include your body and your appearance. Until such time that those cigarettes do not have about five thousand...
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