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We have been used to create better and better ambients from the very beginning of humanity, first adapting caves, then building structures up to modern skyscrapers and dwellings. As technology has increased we have learnt to shape ambient to better fit our needs and lately we have started to pay more attention to their efficiency, like better insulation for lower energy consumption.


Arne Olander in 1930,discovered a phenomenon of SME(Shape Memory Effect).
In 1958,researchers Chang & Read demostrated the Shape Memory Effect.
In 1962, the shape memory properties of Nickel Titanium alloys were discovered at the US Naval Ordnance Laboratories
In 1970’s ,the group of brass (CuZnAl) alloy were discovered which exhibit SME.

What is a smart building?

Is it a place with lots of high-tech lighting that turns on when you enter a room, has silent air conditioning and automatic doors? Maybe walls incorporating digital art that changes with the mood. Sure, that’d be great, but those are toys. A smart building is designed to do one thing really well: To keep the outside out and the inside in.The building itself is an envelope, keeping the elements one step away and the environment inside to your taste. How well it does that tells us how smart it is.

smart also means being different

What makes a building smart?
The notation "intelligent\smart building" was born in usa in early 1980's
Senses : what is going on .

Alerts : with reliable sensor technology.

Reacts : in an efficient way to provide a safety and comfort.

Owners view : competitive construction costs high occupancy less time to get back his investment

User's view : transparency comfort reliability and sustainability


Self Cleaning Glass

Smart Concrete

Color Changing Materials


Inclusion of recycled materials with additional improvement

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