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What is a smart city?

A smart city has been defined as a ‘knowledge’, ‘digital’, ‘cyber’ or ‘eco’ city; representing a concept open to a variety of interpretations, depending on the goals set out by a smart city’s planners. We might refer to a smart city as an improvement on today’s city both functionally and structurally, using information and communication technology (ICT) as an infrastructure.

A city well performing in a forward-looking way in [economy, people, governance, mobility, environment, and living] built on the smart combination of endowments and activities of self-decisive, independent and aware citizens.

A city that monitors and integrates conditions of all of its critical infrastructures including roads, bridges, tunnels, rails, subways, airports, sea-ports, communications, water, power, even major buildings, can better optimize its resources, plan its preventive maintenance activities, and monitor security aspects while maximizing services to its citizens.

Smart Cities’ ICT Infrastructure
ICT is the basic infrastructure of a smart city, used not only in cyber space, but also as communicating elements of physical infrastructure, transmitting real-time data on a city’s status by way of sensors and processors applied within real-world infrastructure. This interoperation of countless independent systems demands that openness and standardization be adhered to as the key principles in smart city construction. At the subsystems level, a lack of openness limits the scope of a smart city, and a lack of standardization increases the costs of a city’s construction. Without openness and standardization, a smart city project quickly becomes cumbersome and expensive.

Types of smart cities



New cities, built smart from the start: these cities are designed to attract businesses and residents with a master plan that uses ICT to deliver efficient citizen benefit services.
Existing cities made smart, smartization: This partial approach (step by step; with retrofits and upgrades) is followed by most cities.
Purpose-driven cities: These are cities established with special purposes, e.g., industrial cities, science towns, etc.

Case study- Seoul

-applies ICT to improve
individual city operations
such as
transportation, safety,
environment and culture

The Individual
Service Level


-integrates related
processes and services
by smart
technology within major
sectors of a city, enabling
the provision of more
advanced services

-is the point of smart city
development at which
is no longer a distinction
between different service
areas, with all parts now
seamlessly integrated
within an efficient smart
city ecosystem.

The Horizontal
Service Level

The Vertical
Service Level


The three pillars of Smart Seoul
1. ICT Infrastructure
2. Integrated City-management Framework
3. Smart Users


Smart Seoul Infrastructure

Free public Wi-Fi
u-Seoul network diagram

Smart Work Center

Safety System

Bus stop outside Seoul City
Hall, Home Plus Tesco Virtual

European smart cities

A Smart City is a
city well performing in a
forward-looking way in these six
characteristics, built on the ‘smart’
combination of
endowments and activities of selfdecisive, independent and aware citizens.

To describe a smart city and its
six characteristics it is
necessary to develop a
transparent and easy hierarchic
structure, where each level is
described by the results of the
level below. Each characteristic
is therefore defined by a
number of factors. Furthermore
each factor is described by a
number of indicators. The
factors were defined in several
workshops always having the
overall target, smart city
development in mind.

Smart cities in India

India plans 100 new smart cities and will develop modern satellite towns around existing cities under the smart city program...
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