Small Pox and Population Growth; Spice Trade and Missionaries

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The Relationship Between Small Pox and Population Growth

Small pox is a highly contagious and frequently fatal viral disease characterized by a biphasic fever and a distinctive skin rash. Since smallpox wasn’t eradicated offically until 1977, it’s fair to say that past generations had trouble overcoming this disease. Smallpox was the cause of many deaths that lead to vast populations losing the majority of its citizens and population growth hindering.

In the 1500s is when smallpox made its major introduction. It first started with the Spanish bringing this fatal disease to the Americas. Smallpox spread like wildfire through the surrounding areas. In 1519, smallpox developed in the Aztec Empire. The outcome of this event is the population declined ninety percent within one hundred years, and it almost killing one of the most powerful empires.

The Seven Years War marked another important incident dealing with smallpox and its effects. Smallpox was the major disease spread during the war, and left a severe population decline in its wake as it spread.

In conclusion, smallpox was one of the leading killers of people during the 1500s and on. This powerful disease almost killed some of the most dominant empires only because their immune systems weren’t prepared, and brought a strong decline to population growths to the people of the Americas.

The Relationship Between the Spice Trade and Missionaries

The spice trade was an excellent opportunity for missionaries to spread their religious messages. Missionaries would leave their homes to travel to foreign countries, in order to futher their religion, by spreading their message. The spice trade was the commercial activity of ancient origin which involved the merchandising of spices and herbs.

The first dated movement of missionary activity on the spice trade was through the Dutch United East India Company. The Dutch’s objective was to concentrate on the spice trade in Indonesia....
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