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Topics: Love, Evil, Good and evil Pages: 2 (702 words) Published: April 17, 2014
The Man Who Loved Flowers
By Stephen King

Summary: 150
The story takes place in New York City, during an early evening in May of 1963. We follow a young man who looks like he is in love; he is walking through 3rd Avenue. The people around him seem to respond to his outbound feelings. The young man is buying flowers for a girl named Norma, who he is going over to meet. A radio in the background is broadcasting bad news but no one seems to really care. He continues on up the street and meets a couple more people who also respond to his love stuck look. He walks down through an alley and sees a woman but this isn’t Norma, so he murders her like he has done five times already. Norma has been dead for ten years. He says that his name is love and that he walked the dark streets because Norma was waiting for him.

Characterization of the young man: 200
The young man is dressed in a light grey suit with a narrow tie and a top collar where the button is undone, he is far from rich and his appearance is described as having dark, short cut hair, light blue eyes and a fair complexion and on this soft spring evening, he was beautiful. He is described very positively through most of the story. He is happy and in love, the feelings radiate out of him and emit an aura of happiness which is perceived by the bystanders on the street. When he hears the news on the radio we start to notice a change when he reaches into his pocket, he seems puzzled, lonely and haunted. He is never truly aware of the life around him; he is focused on something else. His true identity is the hammer murderer. The young man doesn’t have a name, even though he calls himself love, which gives us a feeling that he could be a person next to us. He is essentially a love obsessed psychopath looking for his long dead love, Norma, a brutal killer who claims to love but commits crimes of hate.

Symbols in the story: 200
The flowers carry several meanings, which all relates to the short-story....
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