The Misfit - Analysis
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The Misfit

“This story from 1953 frighteningly tells the male frustration that has been exposed increasingly during the last decade in the US and Western Europe”. Being an outsider has always lead to violent behaviours, but not to the great extent that Western societies are experiencing at the moment. Today the media tells of a large amount of awful murders, and whether the motif we are informed of, in the slaughters we witness in the TV news, is revenge, money or some psychotic kick, we are left with the same question; why did it ever come this far? It is a rising problem in the western world, in the matter of people left out of society, and feeling themselves as misfits. This trouble has often led to these violent behaviours, regarding the misfits causing of harm to themselves or others. This is also the case in the text at hand. “People have found difficulties with adapting to the modern world society for ages, and it has not been decreased in the later years. Especially in the US problems concerning school shootings and alike, and even though this is a relatively new problem, it is a result of the crisis the text sets focus on. This is the main theme in the article Rage of the American Male, where Susan Faludi discusses, how come brutal murders is committed by men feeling betrayed by society held together with the fact that it is always men. The main character of The Misfit is a misfit. I suspect that he probably had escaped from prison and, on the run, killed people. Through the eyes of a 3rd person narrator, he is followed as he, alongside with his to companions Hiram and Bobby Lee, conducts the butchery of an American Southern State family. As a reader, I get the impression that the narrator is omniscient. The only person whose thoughts are commented on by the narrator is the grandmother of the family and in all other areas of the story the narrator is merely a fly on the wall, but the only logical conclusion is that the omniscience is complete as

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