Slow Drivers Who Drive in the Fast Lane

Topics: PASS, Tram accident, Automobile Pages: 1 (346 words) Published: April 11, 2013
It was just a second. That is all it took. The headlights were speeding towards us. There was no time to react when I saw the other car. There were tire screeches and a blaring horn that was screaming in my ear. I felt my body slam against the seatbelt, and the shattering glass sliced my face and arms. That was the end. (Imagery). I hope that I will never have to live through that scenario. According to RMIIA in 2008, 2,739 drivers between the ages of 15 and 20 died in a motor vehicle accident. Since then, the number has only increased. From these statistics, adults often generalize teenagers as “reprobate” drivers. Shockingly, this statistic is similar for adults. Even though adults in America stereotype teenagers as “reprobate” drivers, adults can also be terrible, irresponsible drivers. Adults also text while driving, be intoxicated while they drive, and cut others off on the road. While these ideas are awful, the biggest pet peeve most Americans have today is that some people drive slow in the fast lane. This frustrates others driving, causing people passing others and increasing the likelihood of an accident. How does one think it is correct to drive 40 miles per hour in a passing lane? (Logos) I, for one, get very annoyed and agitated. (Ethos.) In spite of how I feel, or the rest of America feels, many drivers still drive without common courtesy to others. If I want to pass someone, I stay in the left lane and then move to the right lane. (Persona). They say that the slow turtle wins the race, but that does not mean that the slow turtle (metaphor) has to be in the left lane with the hare hot on his heels. Going below the speed limit in the fast lane causes other drivers to make risky, last-minute moves. Because of this, many states have signs on the interstate that read, "Left lane for passing only." One example is Georgia. The Georgia legislature recently passed a bill making it illegal to drive...
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