SleepyPilot Sean Van Dommelen Guitarist Joins Strangely Alright!

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SleepyPilot Sean Van Dommelen Guitarist
Joins Strangely Alright!
SleepyPilot lead guitarist/ vocalist/songwriter Sean Van Dommelen has joined forces with Strangely Alright and is in the studio with the band recording the follow up to SA?s critically acclaimed first CD, ?The Time Machine Is Broken?. He will also be playing live, with his debut performance Aug 5th @ National Night Out, followed by an August 23rd show at the 3 day extravaganza, Moonfest 2014.

Tacoma, WA, July 29, 2014 /PressReleasePing/ - SA singer songwriter Regan Lane explains some of the changes and plans ahead: “Sean is an amazing singer and guitar player and immediately adds a new energy and excitement to the band. We are both fans of our respective songwriting and have quite a few things in common. We are both in recovery, John Lennon fans, parents, bandleaders, songwriters and on and on. Eventually I couldn’t ignore the signs the universe was sending me. And the SA material I’m writing is going in a more rock/aggressive direction and my intuition said it was something that needed to be explored. We had a talk, set some boundaries and guidelines (recovery and family first) and both agreed it could not only work, but prosper! And of course Sleepy Pilot is still his number one priority. But man have we got some plans!”

“SA is now in the middle of our new CD, with Sean playing guitar. And of course SleepyPilot will have a new CD in the future. He and I both have songs that don’t fit our respective bands, so there’s talk of a riff/dance rock project. And a Christmas show in 2014 with an orchestra…And maybe produce a band or two in 2015….The sky’s the limit. Why not, huh?”

Aug 5th-National Night Out – Music starts at 6pm
Jason Kertson / Strangely Alright / Sleepy Pilot /Antihero.

August 23rd- Moonfest 2014- SA @5pm

Strangely Alright Info:

www -...
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