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Slavery in the southern american colonies

By reganfaulconer Oct 13, 2014 322 Words
dxgluizdkvgJSLDGuigasjf,sdgkjsagksdjgdfhjhjhlkshzjhksjhfgiuhahHawthorne, Nathaniel, The Scarlet Letter: The student will keep a dialectical journal (see below) on the novel AND write informal responses to the following prompts: 1. Read the following passage (paragraph 3, “I might be, … martyrdom.”) from The Scarlet Letter, Chapter 5, “Hester at Her Needle.” Then write a short essay showing how Hawthorne depicts Hester’s inner turmoil. Consider such rhetorical devices as diction, figurative language, syntax, irony, and tone.

2. Read the following passage (paragraph 7, “Hester sought not, …wrong, beneath.”) from The Scarlet Letter, Chapter 5, “Hester at Her Needle.” Then write a short essay analyzing the author’s use of clothing to reveal Hester’s self-perception, the attitude of Hester’s neighbors, and the nature of her daughter’s conception. Consider such rhetorical devices as diction, imagery, syntax, irony, and tone.

3. Read the following passages from The Scarlet Letter. Passage 1 is from Chapter 2, “The Market-Place” (paragraph 11, “The young woman … by herself ”). Passage 2 is from Chapter 3, “The Recognition” (paragraphs 1 and 2, “From this intense… his lips”). Then write a carefully reasoned and fully elaborated analysis of Hawthorne’s attitude toward these two characters. Consider allusion, irony, imagery, syntax, organization of details, and other rhetorical devices.

4. Read Chapter 9, “The Leech,” from The Scarlet Letter. Then write an essay analyzing how Hawthorne uses setting, allusion, metaphor, irony, diction, and tone to reveal character.
5. Read Chapter 22, “The Procession,” from The Scarlet Letter. Then write an essay analyzing how Hawthorne uses rhetorical devices, including irony and extended metaphor, to reveal the conclusion.

When we return to school, students will meet in small groups to discuss journal responses. Each student will choose one of the prompts to move through the draft process and create a formal essay. Teacher feedback will be provided throughout the development of the essay.

You will also need to read:
• “The Crucible” –Arthur Miller – keep a dialectical journal on this work. • Non

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