Topics: Slavery, Sexual slavery, Human trafficking Pages: 4 (1461 words) Published: April 22, 2013
Many people in today’s society don’t realize that slavery still exists. Yet without realizing we are supporting slavery. How is this possible? Around the country there are factories that are run by slaves, brothels where travelers go and have an “escort” for a week. There are thousands of people in slavery today and many of the countries don’t want to admit they have them. So what is really going on and how can we stop it from happening anymore. To figure out what can be done we have to look at the different aspects of slavery such as, political issues, economic issues, psychological issues, social issues and cultural issues. We also have to compare modern day slavery with classic old slavery. What makes them different and what makes them similar. These aspects will help us to figure out a way to end slavery for good.

We have governments that makes laws so that we can abide by them and if we don’t they re-enforce them and do something about it. What happens when the government doesn’t abide by those laws and ignore them instead? Well many of the countries that have slavery in them deny that fact and go on pretending that it isn’t going on. For example in Thailand, where there is a mass amount of sexual slavery and nothing is being done to stop it. In Thailand, there are many brothels where you can go and get a sexual slave for a few hours or for a few days. If a slave tries to escape from the brothels, the police capture them and return them from where they came. Instead of helping them to get out of the hands of the brothel owners and shut down the brothels, they take advantage of the slaves and in some cases abuse them. If a government were not going to enforce their laws, why would they make them then? Many countries have signed legal documents that pledged that they would do away with slavery and make slavery illegal but most of them when approached that there still is slavery deny the fact it exists. The first step towards ending slavery...
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