Modern-Day Slavery Still Exists in Bangladesh

Topics: Minimum wage, Wage, Salary Pages: 2 (670 words) Published: May 26, 2013
Tian Juan Ming
Miss Westerhof
20 May 2013

Modern-day slavery still exists in Bangladesh
After reading Rosalind Jana’s article called “Death in Bangladesh is too high a price for quick-fix fashion”, I found that in recent years, human beings have tried so hard to achieve anti-slavery in order to get rights for labor. This might be done in quite a few ways like laws. For instance, the official minimum wage for workers per hour in Canada is about 10 dollars per hour and is about 70 dollars everyday on average but is about only 1 dollar per day in Bangladesh. I feel very upset based on the event that Bangladesh factory collapsed a few weeks ago because modern-day slavery still exists in Bangladesh. As a result, modern-day slavery still exists on account of the workers’ salaries, working conditions and because some workers are forced to work. One of the primary reasons of why modern-day slavery still exists is that the wages of workers in this factory were lower than the legal wage. Plenty of workers got less than the minimum wage of 38 dollars per month. The cost of cheap labor decreases the total cost for retailers but it is extraordinarily unfair that workers are exploited by retailers. Since these workers did not get their deserved wage and were treated unfairly they were marginalized by the society. It is also unfair for consumers like us. For example, if I might buy a shirt for 20 dollars but I find out the cost of this shirt was only 3 dollars. If the worker makes 10 shirts per day and gets 1 dollar per day, the maker of this shirt gets only 10 cents for each production. In this situation, retailers are making lots of money by exploiting workers. Therefore workers, as slaves, are paying for our quick-fix fashion since their wages are too low. Besides, workers in this factory were considered as slaves were forced to work. Those workers did not get the vacations they deserved. The day before the building collapsed, a big crack...
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