Sizemore Case Study

Topics: Anesthesia, Surgery, Anesthesiologist Pages: 1 (309 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Anesthesia: Loss of sensation with or without loss of consciousness (
Patients are anesthetized by giving them a paralytic (this blocks neuromuscular junctions). Then the patient is intubated. Once this is done they are given a anesthetic and amnesiac. A person can sense pain and be incapable of responding if they have anesthesia awareness. With this they can feel the pain but are incapable of responding. In the Sizemore case the anesthesiologist administered the paralytic and intubated. He however forgot to administer the anesthetic and the amnesiac until 16 mins into the surgery. This caused the patient to be able to feel the pain up until he administered the drugs. Due to the paralytic the patient was unable to respond to the pain. This problem could have been prevented by the anesthesiologist checking his work and possibly having someone else check his work. Then the problem may have been caught and prevented. Also the anesthesiologist should have admitted his mistake instead of trying to hide it. If he had let someone know what had happened they could have helped Mr. Sizemore deal with the issues that this mistake caused. Possibly helping him to deal with his issues afterward and then he may not have committed suicide. If I were the nurse anesthetist or the anesthesiologist I would have handled the problem by administering the drugs like he did. I would have however, let others know my mistake so that they could get the patient the proper help with any problems that could arise. Much like they did for Mr. Sizemore. If the anesthesiologist would have admitted his mistake the problems that it caused may not have gone to such extremes. Others would have known and the patients family would have been told. So that they could help the patient anyway they possibly could.
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