Size Zero Short Report

Topics: Dieting, Nutrition, Fashion Pages: 2 (502 words) Published: April 5, 2013
Size Zero Report

Not so long ago, women aspired to be a perfect size 10. This is no longer the case, because in Hollywood, a size 10 would now be seen as obese due to the latest obsession. The latest “trend” to spread across the celebrity world is to become a size zero. This means having a 23-inch waist, equivalent to the waist size of an average British eight year old girl. Popular shops, such as Miss Selfridge and Topshop, are now buying in these sizes, and even Asda have launched a size zero range. Some stores are even buying in size double zero, this is equal to a 20-inch waist, which is the same as actress Eva Longoria. However, this obsession is dangerous and can cause loss of periods, hair falling out, dry skin and even thinning of bones. But this doesn’t stop them. Girls are aspiring to be like their favourite size zero celebrities. A study showed that the use of diet pills has doubled, and 15-24 year olds are the age group most vulnerable to society pressures, and so the number of eating disorders continues to rise. The more images that are shown, and the more the fashion industry and media obsess over the ultra-thin celebrities tells young girls, and people with eating disorders, that its okay to make yourself this skinny, even if it does come with dangerous consequences. The coffee and cigarettes diet is back in vogue, they follow diets that have no carbohydrates, there is even such thing as a skinny sushi, fish wrapped in a lettuce leaf, rather than rice, and personal trainers prescribe crazy regimes and bizarre diets, while cosmetic surgeons perform liposuction as often as Botox to get rid of excess fat. A new industry of doctors, personal trainers, stylists and nutritionists has spawned and they work together to get these women to reach the ultimate size zero goal. The British Council discouraged designers from hiring super skinny, practically anorexic models for London’s Fashion Week. The ban failed, though, because they claimed they did not...
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