Single Gender Classrooms

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Single Gender Classrooms

The option to create single gender classrooms in this district is completely at the discretion of the school board as per the wishes of the parent stakeholders. It is not to be considered mandatory and students only participate if their parents have agreed to this model of classroom instruction.

There is evidence of great success in schools that use single gender classrooms. Evidence to support this approach can be found in the narrowing of achievement gaps traditionally found between young adults around the middle school age. Moreover, the anecdotal evidence from the students themselves is indicative of their preference of what type of classroom environment they feel they learn in best. Numerous studies have been conducted in support of both sides of the argument as to whether single gender classroom models should even exist. The ACLU is making a push to refute the evidence of the successes of single gender classrooms, however, it is merely doing a review of studies that have already been completed – they are conducting no new research of their own. This is an important aspect to consider when deciding which research to study while determining the best course of action for our school district and our middle school children.

In my own research on the subject, I have decided that there is merit to the review of research done by Angela Magon while completing her studies in Educational Leadership at the University of Victoria in British Columbia, Canada. The research as summarized by Magon indicates that there are most definitely differences between male and female brains, especially in the formative years. Ultimately, it behooves us to remember that brain research is in its infancy and that new information is discovered on an ongoing basis. While I can understand the underlying mission of the ACLU, I cannot agree with its goal which essentially would force students of both genders to mix in all academic settings. The ACLU wants...

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