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A Brief History of Holy Family Academy
Just a beginning of a alphabet is A so A its own beginning and it is a point Yes, a point which is also the beginning of everything in all aspects so much so that from this point sprung the education agencies and the Holy Family Academy is one.

Way back in year 1948, the Holy Family Academy, formerly Liceo de Putiao was founded y Mr. Luna as Director-Principal opened only for all First Year. The first batches of First Year enrolled at the start were only twelve with seven teachers. The school building was only a residential house by Fr. Martin Alcazar.

In 1951, a competition arose between the Putiao Institute and Liceo de Putiao, Mr. Luna decided to offer a free tuition to all levels. Thus, the enrollment increases. This time, Fr. Fransisco Hermida, the new Parish Priest assigned in Putiao was the Principal Putiao Institute was dissolved in the year 1955.

In the year 1960, the school was left under the care of Rev. Fr. Jose Jacobo, the ne priest, replacing Fr. Hermida, and it was also this year that the school building and lot was donated by Rev. Fr. Martin Alcazar to the Diocese of Sorsogon for mission purposes, thru the inspiring efforts of Fr. Jose Jacobo. Due to so many obligations, he decided to talk with the Rev. Mother General of the Augustinian Sisters of La Consiolacion, Manila pleading that the school be cared by the Augustinian Sisters, seeking Bishop’s A. Arcilla’s help and who also completely convinced the Mother General. The four Augustinian assigned were Sor Manuela, the Mother Superior who first visited the school, Sor Angeles, Sor Herminia, and Sor Ursula who was later replaced by Sor Esperanza who campaigned for the Augustinian Sisters to run the school, a triumph for Msgr. Arcilla and Fr. Jacobo and a mixture of joy and sacrifice to the pioneer sisters.

Sor Manuela with a firm determination was able to put up the cloister and water system but in problem still of a lightning system. Aside from the...
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