similarities between victor and his monster

Topics: Education, Religion, Teacher Pages: 2 (463 words) Published: February 6, 2014
Paul D. Chism
January 13, 2014
4th Period
Prayer in Schools
This argument is an important factor of whether or not students should be taught that they should believe in god. The people that are with this reason have and/or are willing or wanting to teach students how important god is in their lives. The people against this has a scientific reason or a social reason. Prayer in schools can be a great benefit for the student’s attitude and view on life but it may cause many problems due to different religions and beliefs. Some may say that prayer in schools may be a good thing but others may disagree.

Many will say that the reasons prayer should be in school are for the student’s benefit. These reasons are those such as freedom of belief, religion purposes, behavior problems, etc… The freedom of belief is a right to the American people. The schools really can’t stop you from public praying for this is one of the country’s amendments. If prayer is not allowed in school then why is it that every other place you see has “In God We Trust” written on it. For example, every American dollar bill and coin has this written on it but yet it’s not allowed or encouraged in school. For what reason is this being done? Well, some think that the government is trying to trick us into believing in something else that is not true. Others think that its no one’s fault but our own for not teaching religion to the new generations.

There are many reasons why prayer should not be in school. The main reason why prayer shouldn’t be school is because of the many different religions that people have in this country. We have religions such as Baptist, Christian, Buddhism, Pentecostal, Muslim, and more. This is only one problem that the schools will have. Another problem is that science is not able to prove that a spirit is real or that god is real. If this cannot be proven then why teach it? For example, how do you experiment with emotions? Where do emotions come from? If its hard to...
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