Similarities Between Cesar Chavez And Harriet Tubman

Topics: Harriet Tubman, César Chávez, Pesticide Pages: 4 (983 words) Published: March 9, 2018

The Heroes of our Society
All people make an impact in their life, however small it may be. Some certain indivuals stand out. They leave a lasting mark on the world and will be remembered long after they have passed away. Cesar Chavez and Harriet Tubman have both left an imprint on this world. They fought for equality, human rights, inspired other to resist maltreatment, and put themselves in danger to protect others.
Cesar Chavez was a prodigious leader that gave farm workers the will to resist the inhumane treatment they received in their job. The UFW reached monumental changes under the lead of Cesar Chavez and is the first triumphant workers union in American history. By helping found the UFW Cesar has started a transformation in the rights...

Cesar Chavez has taken all the credit for the betterment of rights for field workers. Was it not field workers who came together and fought? Cesar is just a face that they put in front of their uprise. This uprise helped some peoples lives, sure, but it also ruined others. Has anyone ever stopped and gave a thought for the field owners? They are being marked as villians when really, they are just being stepped on to make Cesar Chavez look good. Harriet Tubman has been called an idiot her whole life. Even as a child her stupidity shone through her. She was returned to her master countless times because she was not capable of doing the simplest tasks. We frame her as a hero while she is just a slave who had luck getting through to the North. Both of these so called “inspirational figures” are being praised while they have done...

People argue that Cesar Chavez just stood by as the field hands united. The farm workers were the ones to unite but Cesar is the one that united them. He was the one that galvanized them to fight! He also stood right by them when they fought. They say the farm workers were the ones doing all the work but Cesar Chavez was a field hand! He was an extraordinary one, but he was a field hand just like the rest of them. Another ridiculous point they make is that the field owners were suffering. Was it the field owners that came home with a crippled back? Is it the field owners that have reduced lifetimes because of their jobs? No, it is not them. The mere thought that they are suffering is absurd. Harriet Tubman was called an idiot as a child. In a time where black people were treated completely malignantly. Harriet Tubman was sent back to her master because she purposely wanted to leave. She was treated horribly. What human wouldn’t have wanted to escape that treatment?
Harriet Tubman and Cesar Chavez are incredible in their every aspect. They stood for equipoise, human rights, were inspirational, and put themselves in danger to protect others. Cesar Chavez started a revolution that defended workers rights. Harriet Tubman helped slaves escape the torment of their masters. Both left a lasting effect in this...
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