Comparing Frederick Douglass and Sojourner Truth

Topics: African American, Black people, Slavery in the United States Pages: 2 (620 words) Published: November 18, 2009
Question 3

Sojourner Truth and Frederick Douglass two inspirational black figures in black history were very atypical from their fellow slaves. Both figures were disrespected then and even more respected today. There were plenty of trial and tribulations throughout their lives but they preserved to become the icons they are today. For many reasons we can see how they are atypical from there fellow slaves and how we should be thankful for our freedom and take advantage of opportunities just like they did. Sojourner Truth, one of the elite black females in women history is atypical of her slaves because her name alone is still being discuss in today’s society. By changing in her name to Sojourner Truth, her name alone is atypical from the rest of her fellow slaves. It has tremendous meaning because she felt as one of God’s children her words were very moving, powerful and truthful. Another example is that Sojourner Truth stood at 6’0 tall, that’s extremely tall for a woman, and with this height she created a dominant presents. Born a slave, Sojourner Truth couldn’t read and write like most slaves, but her strong mindset and her perseverance were acknowledged early. Only a select few of slaves had a heart of a champion, but Truth’s willingness to stand for what she believed in and what was right ultimately gave her the recognition she proudly deserves. She was involved in many organizations from women’s rights to being a New York Perfectionists (Anthology of African American Literature pg 112). On her quest for women rights, her best well known speech was he “Address to the Ohio Women’s Right Convention”. This powerful speech moved plenty of African American women to push for equal rights among their gender. Truth was a strong, proud black woman and with amazing antics as such, we can see why she was atypical from her fellow slaves. As much as Sojourner Truth was such of an importance to slavery and women rights, Frederick Douglass had more of an impact in his...
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