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Topics: Project management, Critical path method, Construction Pages: 4 (642 words) Published: September 28, 2014
Task 1:
1. Network Diagram (activity on node)
The network diagram is method of creating a graphical figure briefly showing how to execute a project following its planned sequence (Burke, 2003). In order to prepare an appropriate schedule for Fencefall Limited’s Special Project, an activity-on-node version of the network diagram, which was described in details by Field and Keller (2003), was applied as the standard format to implement the drawing, based on the provided activity list. 2. How to determine the timing of activities and total float EST

Figure . Activity-on-node task information
According to Field and Keller (2003), every node have associated with 2 pairs of timings and the total float: Earliest start time (EST) and earliest finish time (EFT), which are done calculating in a forward pass through the network, starting from the Start node way down to the Finish node. The very first task node always has its EST equal to 0, and its EFT will be calculated following the function: EFT = EST + Duration (Units: days)

The next node will have its EST equal to the EFT of the previous node

Latest start time (LST) and latest finish time (LFT) are proceed in a backward pass, from Finish node to Start node. The LFT of the very last task node equals to its EFT, and its LST function is: LST = LFT – Duration (Units: days)

The next node will have its LFT equal to the LST of the previous node

Total float = LFT – EFT – Duration = LST – EST – Duration (Units: days)

3. How to determine the project duration and critical path
The duration for this project is 76 days for completion, which is the sum of its LST and the duration of all activities (Project Management Institute, 2008). Besides, the critical path is always defined as the path of activities which all have zero total float. So this project’s critical path is: A →B→C→D→E→H→I→K→L→N→O→R 4. If the project starts on the 1st August 2014 what is the earliest date it...
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