Silver Ships

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Silver Ships


Silver Ships is located on 16 acres in Theodore, Alabama just South of Mobile on Bellingrath Road. After moving into a 15,000 square foot building in 1996, they soon after expanded a second time. Since then, they have added over 12,000 square feet of additional production space and they have built additional office spaces.

All aspects of the vessel construction, from the custom design to the final assembly, are conducted in an enclosed production facilities and the location gives the company convenient access to Mobile Bay, where it conducts extensive sea trials. Silver Ships uses state of the art welding equipment and laser cut parts in the construction of our aluminum boats.


Silver Ships, Inc. was founded by Mike McCarty after a successful career in the commercial fishing industry in 1985; it was originally intended to be a small scale operation but eventually grew. In 1988, Silver Ships began using computer automated design (CAD), which expanded its capabilities as a boat design company. In 1990, Silver Ships built its first aluminum rigid hulled inflatable boat. In 1996, Silver Ships moved its operations to Theodore, Alabama, where it is currently located.

In 1997, Silver Ships began contracting for AMBAR Marine, which is currently associated with. In 2000, Silverships purchased Ambar Marine, but due to the factor of name recognition of AMBAR Marine, it chose to keep its name. In 2002, Silver Ships added 12,000 sq ft. of space in order to be able to increase production within the company.

Generic Strategy

Silver Ships’ generic strategy involves a narrow, differentiated scope. The company does not try to enter into other markets and focuses on providing aluminum boats for governmental agencies. The way Silver Ships differentiates itself is by providing customizable boats for its customers.

SWOT Analysis


Some of Silver Ships’ strengths include its relationship with...
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