Sid Plans

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SID Plans

SID structure2
Admin section:2
SID Objectives and Goals:2
SID Activities and Plans:3
SIS Knowledge building3
Manage and administrate SID systems and resources.3
Participate with Projects (Proposal, Development, and Master projects)3 Pre-Sales4
SID Management planning4

Document Version
1.0Sami26/4/2009First Draft
2.0Sami27/4/2009Reflect Ali notes on it

This document will contains the SID plans which explain all activities, objectives, goals SID members involved with. We try to document everything even if it might not be part of our plans but we have to mention it to be planed.

SID structure
Admin section:
1-Mohammad AlKarram
1-Fawzi Hawila
2-Yazan Albakheit
3-Rami Jabari.
1-Adel AlQallawi (Network Engineer)
2-Ahmed Abed (DBA, ECC App)
3-Ala Al-Far (New joint)
4-Anan Aljabi (DBA, ECC App)
5-Ayesh Amawi (DBA, ECC App)
6-Fadi Hawila (ECC App)
7-Ghassan Tiameh (ECC App)
8-Hafez Alwanni (Sig App)
9-Jehad Ghareeb (DBA, ECC App)
10-Mohammed Ramahi (DBA, ECC App)
11-Rami Elaraj (ECC App)
12-Ramzi Hawatmeh (New joint)
13-Saleh BaniKhalaf (DBA, EDMS App)
14-Wasim Gandele (New joint)
15-Yazan Albustanji (DBA, ECC App)

SID Objectives and Goals:
-To leverage team member competency to enhance SID services and utilizes their effort to the max. -To streamline team management to provide team guides and mentor from more than one source to eliminate bottlenecks with SID service providing. -To have clear policy, process, and procedure for every member to ensure productivity with acceptable quality. -To provide our clients best services with acceptable response time and quality. SID Activities and Plans:

SIS Knowledge building
oDefine each member knowledge and his level
oDefine needed knowledge to be gain by each member
oArrange for reading topics, internal training, researches, labs for P.O.C, and external labs. oGuide and assist members with knowledge building.
-This will be opened on Project center as 4 projects each TTL will act as a P.M on it but he have to have his team knowledge matrix ready and reflect the needed knowledge to be gained as part of his project planning. Documentations

oDocuments part of our work and activities to have service catalogs and guide for other members. -This should be part of projects and we have to stress on having handover phase on each master project where the documentation should be part of this phase handover. About old documents needed this should be listed and a new project will be opened for them with defined tasks and resources involvement within it. Manage and administrate SID systems and resources.

oManage SID file repository (NAS)
-No Answer
oManage and utilize internal project spaces on PS-Confluence. -Part of project and should be counted within the project
oManage and utilize external project spaces and SID – Clients related documents on PS-Wiki. -Part of project and should be counted within the project
oManage and utilize our helpdesk system
Manage customer tickets
Manage Preventive Maintenance visits arrangement and updates Manage Corrective Maintenance visits arrangement and updates Manage Customer inquiries and accounts.
-Part of helpdesk project and we need to open SID project on helpdesk to include the admin tasks related to customer care oManage and utilize SID team JIRA including P.M.O project
-Part of existing project and. PMO project will be closed.
oManage and utilize the VM project on SVC JIRA
-VM deployment should be part of existing project and it will be logged on that project oManage and utilize PS-CRM
-May will be removed from the JIRA log, any other tasks related to it from any other member should be part of project -
Participate with Projects (Proposal,...
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