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Sibling and Parents of Disabled Children

By jennyswest13 Jul 24, 2013 300 Words
A big topic in today's society is whether or not a child should have sex education in school. Almost everyday you hear about how the numbers of teens having sex and the rates of teenage pregnancy is skyrocketing. Can this somehow be prevented by encouraging that sex education be included in the curriculum in school? Don't we send our children to school to learn and get an education? Than why should schools not educate our children about sex and help stress that abstinence is best? Sex education is not helping to promote that a child go out and engage in sexual activity, it merely educates them on the consequences of having sex and makes them aware of ways to protect themselves if they do choose to engage in sexual activity. It is important to educate our children on sex and how to protect themselves. Many parents agree that sex education should not be taught to children in school. Are these parents willing to take time out of their busy schedule to sit their children down and have a one - on -one conversation with their child about sex? Do they themselves know all there is to know about sex and are up-to-date on STD's and contraceptives? A child may not feel comfortable talking to their parents about sex leading them to rush their parents through the conversation and not fully grasping the ideas on information their parents are trying to get across to them. If they were in school being taught, amongst friends, they would be forced to listen plus they might feel comfortable enough to ask questions pertaining to things they may not understand. Teachers went through college to get a degree in teaching; parents didn't unless they themselves are a teacher. Parents would be more likely...

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