Should Zoos Be Booed?

Topics: Zoo, Animal, Animal welfare Pages: 3 (697 words) Published: April 2, 2013
Should zoos be booed?
Lauren Bernhard
Period 7
Have you ever thought of the animals behind the glass? Some do.Though it is not a main debate now, groups like PETA are arguing that zoos and other animal facilities (like SeaWorld) are cruel. They believe zoos are inhumane to the animals. On the other hand, many zoo-like places and animals faculties are claiming that they are helping animals. So which side is correct? I believe that zoos are good for animals because they care for them, educate the public, and can be subject to helpful research.

Zoos are a positive resource to uncommon animals. A good example is elephants at the San Diego zoo. They get daily pedicures and enrichment, to make sure they are as entertained and happy as the guests! In captivity, most animals live longer because of round-the-clock care, including regular checkups and specific nutritional treatment. Just look at the facts: most animals can live up to 1.5 times their life spans in the wild! Plus, the animals are safe from hunters, poachers, freezing, starving, etc. Zoos help protect the ones who need protecting, in more ways than one.

Zoos and the like also help people learn about these animals. No movie in the world can convey the feeling of standing next to an exotic animal not found commonly. Zoos help teach the world that their town is only one small part of the universe, and the tiniest change in behavior or productivity could affect the world. The zoo has changed and inspired countless people’s lives. Captivity can change our whole perspective about the animal kingdom.

Animals in captivity can help their wild cousins and brethren around the world. They can do this just by living, with hardly any change from the wild, while researchers observe. For example, for the longest time, keepers and other cheetah researchers could not figure out why cheetahs went into heat. Finally, at a zoo, they discovered a certain bark from the males that put the females in a sexual...

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