Should you listen to the customer?

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This case study presents the Delacroix Company which has to face with new objectives: to identify new channels of distribution of their shows. The goals are setup by the members’ boards and we have three persons involved in a new challenge: should they listen to the customer feedback? Natalia is an experimented member of the company who hired Elizabeth as an marketing responsible. They have to propose a new marketing strategy based on the client feedback, but Henry, the founder of the company, has a different opinion. Why doesn’t Henry want to listen to the customers? Does he have a point? Are there some businesses where you should not listen to the customer? What about his Smurf comment? Henry doesn’t want to take in consideration the client feedback because of: -His business activates in a domain where the quality of the shows generate new clients. Henry believes in his staff and their quality. Dance members are talent people who can generate best shows and also assure a profitability. -In Henry’s opinion, to listen to the customers is not related to the direct activity (dance shows). Delacroix wants to go on a new road of business: film and media. So, he wants new channels of distribution. It is possible after they will enter on this channels to be oriented to direct client feedback. -He is very confident in his business and the way of doing it.

In my opinion I don’t think in businesses which don’t need customer feedback, regardless of the aria (sector) of their activity (public or private). A business is always oriented to clients, because clients will generate revenues and objectives of development. But we can have some type of businesses where client feedback is not directly oriented to products which the company offers and is oriented to services who offer this product. (For example: in a hospital you need an X ray. The X ray is the product, but this service is different depending on the way that the hospital offers it. You can wait on a...
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