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Assignment: Assessment 2

Essay Title: Should the College Entrance Examination System Continue in China?

Submission Date: 10th November, 2014

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Student Name: Chang Shuhao
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Should the College Entrance Examination System Continue in China? With the promulgation of the new entrance examination reform, the rationality of the college entrance examination (CEE) becomes an arguable focus for the public again (Shen, 2014). The CEE has helped to select millions of “talents” for national development, which has made obvious contribution for about fifty years. However, some scholars doubt whether these “talents” are the real talents with innovative spirit and critical thinking, since these qualities are widely described as the sign of the students who can adapt to college study soon and make greater contribution in the future (Su & Zhu, 2007). On the contrary, the independent enrollment can sort out the elite the society really need (Ma, 2011). Through analyzing the rationality of CEE, this essay holds the view that the CEE should continue according to China's current national conditions. Its irreplaceability was mainly represented in two aspects: the equity and high efficiency for both individual and society.

One of the remarkable benefits of the CEE system is equity for individual and society. Both individual and society can reap the benefits of external assessment. Entitling every contender an equal opportunity to participate in higher education and to strive for society’s resources is the foundation for the existence of the CEE system. (Zheng, 2010). For a high school graduate, everyone is equal under the CEE policy without any reference to his family’s social status. An ideal score in CEE can grant an entry for an indigent farmer's son in remote province to an elite university. At the same time, it can block out a slothful student although his family is affluent as well (Larson, 2011). From the societal level, safeguarding the fairness and justice in the tertiary education selection system will directly contribute to maintaining social equality and improving the efficiency of the society (Wang & Ross, 2011). Consequently, maintaining CEE vouchsafe examinees’ fairness as well as influence the righteousness of the whole society.

Nevertheless, some CEE objectors believe that the CEE is incapable of screening the candidates with special abilities which are unlikely to feature in the exam because of its rigid criteria (Liu & Hu, 2010). The examinees to be selected should be the elite who have potential in certain domains rather than the students who are only skilled in dealing with examinations (Liu, 1999). Other sociologists put forward the concept of diversiform enrollment, including independent enrollment policy which has been implemented by Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China (MEPRC, 2003) for a few years. In this admission process, universities can set up their own standards to enroll the students they need according to the different talent of the graduates and various characteristics of the universities themselves. The “test-oriented education baton” has been transformed into a “quality-oriented education baton” and this reform has a significant and profound effect on the whole of China’s higher education enrollment system (Li, 2013). However, during its trial process these years, some scholars dispute that independent enrollment may cause more unfairness even corruption. According to Luo (2007), the probability of getting the opportunity of independent admission for students who are from social administrator families is 73 times higher than those whose parents are farmers, besides, skilled personnels’ is...
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