Higher Education and Its Purpose

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Higher Education and its purpose

Education is always one of the most important parts of society, since it has close relationship with the development of the next generation and the future of the country. Along with the development of society and the improvement of technology, the meaning of education is becoming more and more important. Currently, the question of the purpose of higher education has drawn the public’s attention. A many people insist that higher education should teach students practical skills, the ability of problem-solving, and career oriented skills. They claim that those skills are necessary and useful for students to join society get use for their career. In contract, I hold the opposite opinion and I think the purpose of higher education is to develop students’ personality and spirit. To be specific, I think the purpose of higher education is to teach students how to be real human beings instead of question-solving machines. This means that students should have the ability of self-exploration, the emotion of empathy, the awkward of politeness and rules, the responsibility of citizenship and the clarity of thought. Why are these things more important? Because these things are the difference between human beings and animals, and these qualities are exactly what is lacking in society today. Currently, people live under high pressure and all people are stressed out. At this time, politeness and the rules became especially important. For example, in Japan, all women have received a manner education since they are young till their higher education. Thus in public, we can see that Japanese women’s behaviors are polite and gentle. Even when they are sitting, we can see their feet are closely drawn and lean to the side of the chair. This kind of sitting posture gives people the feeling of elegant and virtue. Just from the sitting posture of women, we can see that Japan takes manner seriously. Thus Japan was...
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