Should Students Be Allowed to Eat in Clas

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Should students be allowed to eat in the classroom? Many people say that students should be able to eat during class. Unlike other people think the opposite. Let’s see why people think students should eat in class.

First where going to start with the negative side. Which means the people that think it’s a bad idea. The have many reasons some are just dumb and some are very true that’s might just change your mind. They earthier think that the students will make a big mess or sometimes student have an allergic reaction or attack. Also when a kid brings food all the other students start asking for some and student start throwing it across the classroom for other kids to catch in their mouths. And it distracts kid from their learning. I know most of the kids in your class do the same.

Now let’s get to the positive thing which means people who do allow kids to eat during class. When a student sees their teacher eating something or eating candy you now are thinking mmmmm those must be so really good brownies or anything but the point is that it will make the tummy go all like grrr I’m hungry me want food. Wouldn’t you want to eat when someone is eating something you desire? But wait I’m not done yet some times when a teacher is going to play a learning game the kids won’t be interested unless it’s like a pizza party or candy or something to do with eating because I bet the kids would do anything to eat something really good in class. Let’s say when a teacher says a question and she says “if you answer this question right then I will give a little snack or candy or something” and then all the kids start raising their hand and most students start participating for that one little piece of snack. If they weren’t to be allowed to eat in class then they wouldn’t be interested in anything. You really have lots to choose from. Sure if kids make a mess make a rule or call their parents and tell them they need to be more clean or you can clean it up and show the kids...
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