Should Sex Education Be Increased in Attempt to Curb Problems

Topics: Sex education, Birth control, Pregnancy Pages: 6 (2174 words) Published: April 12, 2013
“We dreaded teenage hormones because now you put peer pressure into the mix.” (Tracey Black) Young adults fall under pressure every day, unable to make the decision on whether to have sex or not. They think back to what their parents taught them about decision making, and try to differentiate what is beneficial for them and what is not. Minimal students are educated about sex and having proper decision making skills. Even fewer students avoid sexual activity; and if they are sexually active, take the proper safety precautions. Sex education should be increased to curb problems such as teenage pregnancy, Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs), and unhealthy relationships between children and their parents during adolescence. The majority of conservative parents and sex education teachers believe that abstinence education is an effective way to prevent teenagers from becoming sexually active. Many parents prefer abstinence education over comprehensive sex education by a two to one ratio; they prefer that their child remains abstinent until marriage. (STDs Are a Serious Problem 49) However, what we know...from the research is that comprehensive sex education works. It delays sexual activity, it reduces the number of partners teens have, and it increases contraceptive use. There is very little in the way of any rigorous research that shows that abstinence education has any of these long-term benefits. (Nash 68) Although abstinence-only education may only hinder some sexual activity from taking place, it will not enlighten young teenagers on the detrimental effects of being sexually active, and actions that can be taken to prevent falling under peer pressure. Unfortunately, the majority of sex education programs in most schools are extremely graphic, which may be disturbing to students, and far less medically accurate compared to what should be taught. For example, many students taking sex education classes are exposed to several images of sexually transmitted diseases. This is a necessary action to prevent young teens from becoming sexually active. However, some young adults will find this traumatizing and it may result in long term negative effects. The quality and accuracy of sex education programs for teenagers and young adults in recent days have become much more objective and general. Many parents expect schools to teach their teenagers about safe sex, and hazards that may come with becoming sexually active; (Identifying the Influences on Responsible Sexual Decision-Making 18) other parents expect sex education classes to teach their teenagers how to talk freely about sex. (Sex Education: Politicians, Parents, Teachers and Teens 14) Unfortunately, most schools do not provide their students with an in-depth informational sexual education course. (Implementing Sex Education 3) It is becoming more difficult to teach students accurate information in a manner that parents appreciate. Several states are beginning to include comprehensive sex education in their health curriculums. President Obama’s administration cut funding allocated to abstinence education to make way for comprehensive sex education. Children in California are engaging in sex education at younger ages than in the past, experts say, and research indicates that about forty to fifty percent of fifteen and sixteen year olds in California are having sex. (Family Research Council 16) A study of 46,000 pregnant school-age girls, ages ten to seventeen, in California found that seventy-one percent of the fathers were over eighteen years of age, with an average age of 22.6 years. In California, abstinence-only sex education is no longer legally permitted. After the California Comprehensive Sexual Health and HIV/AIDS Prevention Act was signed a law in 2010, which provided pupils with the knowledge and skills necessary to protect his or her sexual and reproductive health from unintended pregnancy and STDs, and encouraged a pupils to develop healthy attitudes concerning...
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