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The natural medicine named marijuana has a lot of functions: relieving pain, alleviating glaucoma, decreasing nausea and stimulating appetite. But last year, police officers arrested about 650 thousand citizens in U.S. who just hold their small quantity of marijuana, not sale. In most location in the world, using and holding marijuana is still illegal. Public tend to believe that marijuana is same as other narcotics, it will lead to crime, and makes users losing the ability of labor. Nevertheless, some people fight for the right of using marijuana in recent years, they believe that legalization of marijuana leads to great benefits: in some cases, marijuana can replace painkiller and a part of medicine without the side effect and higher price; also it will reduce government cost in the governance of crime; with permissible selling, huge profits moves out from black market, injects into business market and government tax revenue.

It is generally believed that marijuana absolutely is a narcotic, means it is highly addictive. For example, without marijuana, people who often use it can’t concentrate on, they will be mad and out of control. Also most of people think using marijuana regularly is injuring user’s brain. Besides that, they think government need pay much more attention and money to administrate and supervise, if legalization of marijuana realizes. With these in mind, conservative people refuse to allow selling marijuana.

In fact, marijuana has been proven helpful for treating the variety of medical conditions, legalization of marijuana adds a new choice to people who are being injured by illness. For example, medical marijuana can help reduce some painful effects of autoimmune diseases, “The main psychoactive agent in weed, THC, could quell festering, raw tissues by suppressing the body’s immune system” (Michael Bayewitch et al, 1996). Besides, by using traditional method of treatment, patients usually cost such a lot of money. On the other hand, the average price of marijuana in the districts where the law permits for medical treatment is about 5 dollars per ounce (WALT HICKEY, 2014). Thus, permission to sell medical marijuana will reduce patient’s economic stress, especially people who are in poverty. As you know, using painkiller frequently is dangerous to body, generally means that organs get permanent damages. However there is no evidence that marijuana causes physical health problems. Moreover some research shows that marijuana is not related dependence of drug. In summary, medical marijuana is cheap, useful and harmless, it will help patients when it is legal.

I’m sure that you can see that: the federal government will save the huge money which was wasted to control crime activities in the past. Surely, using weed is a general activity in North America, as far as some government officials used to smoke weed. Even if government and social organization disagree that sell weed to the public, no seller gets permission, marijuana is still being sold by black market, illegal seller. It leads lots of crime. In order to get away from jail, illegal sellers transport weed by covert and dangerous methods that include more serious crimes than itself, such as kidnapping, illegal employment, illegal weapon and tax avoidance. Moreover they will recommend more harmful drug as cocaine to consumers, because those produce such huge profit absolutely. Furthermore, about 750,000 people were arrested for marijuana in 2012, including about half of all drug arrests in the U.S. (the FBI, 2012). About 85% of this number was for holding, they just enjoy it. Why did the federal government cost too much money and time for solving this simple problem instead of other eviler crime? As Colorado and Washington State, where the local governments have permitted selling, almost issues I...
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