Should Juveniles Be Tried as Adults.

Topics: Crime, Murder, Youth detention center Pages: 3 (1218 words) Published: April 18, 2011
Should juveniles be tried as adults? Some people disagree and others agree. Juveniles can be tired as adults committing crimes such as a DUI,minor in possession,robbery,rape,murder and any other crimes committed by an adult. The juveniles can be punished under the juvenile law. The juvenile law states that although most states try juveniles crime cases in juvenile court when the offenders is younger than 18, a few states have younger cutoffs (Juvenile Law). The treatment and successful reintegration of youth into society are the primary goals of the juvenile justice system, along with overall public safety (Juvenile Justice System). There are eight steps the juvenile justice process generally goes through which is arrest,intake,diversion,detention,transfer/waiver,adjudication,disposition, and aftercare. Decisions that consider the interests of both the juvenile and the state must be made up every step (Juvenile Justice Case). The Juvenile Justice System was created in the 1800's to reform United States policies regarding youth offenders. The Progressive Era in the United States was a time of amount social reform. Prior to the Progressive Era, child offenders over the age of seven were imprisoned with adults. Juvenile offenders in adult prisons are more likely to be sexually abused and commit suicide. The state assumed the responsibility of parenting the children until they began to knowledge positive changes, or became adults. Youth was no longer tried as adult offenders. Their cases were head in somewhat informal court designed for juveniles, often without the assistance of attorney's. Some people still argue that teenagers don't know what they are doing when they commit adult crimes or any kind of crime. Some are too young to comprehend right from wrong. In my own opinion I disagree; I disagree because I'm a teen myself and I been knowing right from wrong, but I do have to realize others teen were raised differently. I do believe all teens know right from...
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