Should Juveniles Be Tried as Adults

Topics: Crime, Prison, Criminology Pages: 2 (588 words) Published: May 9, 2013
Should juvenile offenders be tried, sentenced, and jailed as adults? : On the topic of Juvenile offenders being tried, sentenced and jailed as adults, Researcher and Journalist Mike Allen claims that “report after report have concluded that trying teens as adults does nothing to deter crime -- and that sending teens to adult prison makes them more likely to become repeat offenders”. While I agree that sentencing a youth offender to a term of punishment to be carried out with adult offenders may continue the devastating cycle of violence in our culture, I do not agree that juvenile offenders should receive a smaller sentence or easier punishment on the basis of the affects of cross imprisonment. Instead I would argue that the justice system of America must evolve to adequately evaluate and implement punishment and reform that is conducive to the development of juvenile offenders. Youth crime in America is becoming an unavoidable circumstance that is poisoning our culture and hindering many of our youth from the ability to pursue fulfilled and successful lives. Just as Derrion Albert was an innocent bystander who loss his life to reckless and senseless acts of violence, our world has lost its viable claim of goodness to acts of hate against humanity. Something must be done… Not tomorrow and not when the government is adequately over arguing the cases of health care reform, unjust politics and the influx of income made and redistributed illegally and unethically. Our world MUST focus on our youth. TODAY, right now! We are loosing the right to continue to call ourselves ethical and moral beings, when everyday, another youth, another child, when one more innocent life is lost to violence. The issue of trying juveniles as adults, sentencing them and jailing them involves a range of legal, ethical, developmental, emotional, and pragmatic issues that need to be discussed. Issues that we, as a community MUST face together, outside of blame, regardless of cultural...
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