Should Higher Education Be Made Available to All

Topics: Higher education, University, Academic degree Pages: 2 (542 words) Published: May 23, 2011
Education is a channel to understand the real world better and whether this education should be provided to the students by the universities should be free or not, is one of the most debated topics over last many decades. In the today's fast growing civilization this education has become everyone's necessity to survive. Everyone understands the value of education in their lives; hence they compete hard to get the best of the education. So to give this education free to some students would be an injustice on the part of the others. Therefore, from my perspective education should not be given by the universities free of cost.

In my opinion, if the students will not pay for their education then who would pay for that, is a big question that requires an immediate solution. Thus it can create further confusions in the society. For example, if the government would pay for students' education then they will extract the money from public only by increasing the taxes and this can further complicate the situation.

Another reason is that to get education from good universities students usually take some kinds of loans, which I feel, make them more serious towards their studies and responsible so that they can clear the debts in future. Therefore, education received by giving money stands more value to them as they have sacrificed something to get that education.

The third reason is that the money universities take from the students is used by the universities for the upliftment of the university's standard only. The university utilize this money to pay the teachers, to introduce most recent advances in all the aspects of education like getting new equipments in laboratories, building new classes with more advanced technologies, new books for the libraries, new hostels etc. Nevertheless, the proc ess of financial support through Bank Loans, Philanthropic Trusts, Corporate Social Responsibility funds and a...
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