Should Class Attendance Be Required

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Should class attendance be a requirement?

Many people ask should class attendance be a course requirement for students in college? There are two different opinions. Some people feel that it should be mandatory for college students to attend there classes everyday. Many other people however feel that students should be able to decide whether they want to go to there class or not. As far as I am concerned, no matter what unless the student is sick or has a family emergency they should be required to attend there classes every day whether the student likes it or not.

Generally, students who do not like to attend classes have their own reasons. One of the main reasons is, many students feel they can learn some things better on their own rather than being in a classroom. If a student had to attend a class in which the professor teaches something they have already learned on their own, it would be a pointless. Some students that do not attend class, may feel they are able to learn some things better on their own but they may miss a lot of other important information given during a class.

A student who attends all of his or her classes does have an advantage over a student who does not attend. In the first place, college professors often teach students many things that cannot be learned from a textbook. Like easier ways of figuring out a problem, or what something means. Many people believe that college is a place where professors are supposed to teach students what they know. In a textbook, normally there is just a lot of information and knowledge. However, how is the student supposed to understand and develop all this information? Students need to attend class; the professor is the best person to help them with these skills. Some students do not learn by just by reading the textbook, some people need things to be explained to them so they fully understand the concept....
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