Should Apple Create The Software To Save Your Privacy?

Topics: Firearm, United States, Gun politics in the United States Pages: 4 (797 words) Published: February 25, 2016

Terrorism is something that affects all of us, it is scary and frightening. But depending on your situation and luck, it can change your whole life. Currently, Apple is refusing to make the software that will unlock the phone of a San Bernardino shooter. It is heavily debated whether Apple should create the software or whether they should protect the person's privacy. There are many people who believe that privacy is more important than anything that could be found on that phone. But, there could be links to other terrorist and terrorist plans on that phone. Apple should create the software to get into the phone because it can help save lives and sacrificing privacy for that is well worth it.

In the San Bernardino shooter's case, an awful...

Imagine losing your son in this massacre and not even knowing all that you could know. This is what those families feel right now and if Apple could just help the FBI it could give many people substantiation. You would think that a big conglomerate like Apple would want to use all of their resources for good and try to help the FBI as much as possible. But, for some obscure reason that is not the case. When you kill innocent people you give up your right to privacy. If there is one message that should be given to Apple it is this: give the families the comfort and validity they need.

In today's world mass shootings are becoming a regular thing. It is the sad truth. But, if Apple could lower it's ego and disturbed policies the FBI could find more information on terrorist attacks. There is a very real possibility that these men were part of a terrorist group or organization. Yet it is impossible to know whether or not they truly were a part of a bigger picture without accessing their phone. It is crucial that Apple develops the software to access the shooter's cellphone as it may hold information that can help protect the people of the United...
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